Liranda Gold Project, Acacia Mining Plc – Scoping Study

MineScope has completed a Scoping Study for Acacia Mining PLC considering the development of two greenfield deposits located within the Liranda corridor. The Liranda corridor is a virgin mining area in West Kenya, near Lake Victoria.  The project scope included mine design, process plant and surface infrastructure, TSF, paste fill, hydrology, geohydrology, non-process infrastructure, site administration and security.


Bulyanhulu Optimisation Study, Acacia Mining Plc.  

The Bulyanhulu Gold Mine is undertaking an Optimisation Study to evaluate various business cases that might allow the possible re-start of the mine.                                                            

MineScope is managing the study as well as providing resources to support the Acacia study team including operational readiness support, metallurgical and process engineering support and in-country testwork implementation.


Golden Eagle Expansion Feasibility Study, Millennium Minerals Pty Ltd

Millennium Minerals is considering an upgrade of the existing Gold Eagle process plant in Western Australia to allow viable processing of the primary and partially refractory ores onsite.  MineScope has provided short term strategic input to establish the Feasibility Study parameters as well as ongoing Study Management services.  MineScope has also developed the process flowsheet upgrade requirements and supporting metallurgical test-work program.


Sukari Gold Mine, Centamin Plc.

The Sukari Gold Mine is Egypt’s only large scale gold mine and comprises open pit and underground mining as well as multiple process plants producing >500Koz/y gold bullion.  MineScope has carried out a strategic review of current operational and project management activities onsite, including development of a value driven strategy to address the identified areas for improvement.  Most of the improvements will be implemented using inhouse resources with the option of utilising MineScope’s specialist skill set if necessary.


T3 Copper Project, MOD Resources Pty Ltd

MOD Resources is currently developing the T3 copper project in Botswana.  MineScope is providing independent ESIA scope, implementation and reporting reviews.


Due Diligence of Existing Gold Mine, Central America.

A confidential client is considering an investment in an existing complex multi-site gold operation with a view to having influence over the operation of the mines. MineScope assisted this client through completion of a due diligence review of the geology, mining, metallurgy, process plant and surface infrastructure, environmental, social and closure aspects of the operation through use of a collaborative team of key specialists under MineScope management.                                                                        



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